poseidonas.gr site changes

After 10 years (2006-2016), poseidonas.gr site changed its domain name! The authorities of FC Poseidon Kalanaria decided to migrate poseidonas.gr site to another address.

My 10-year offer at the club as a designer-creator, operator, maintainer and web master of poseidonas.gr site was something I did with great pleasure and mood! I find very encouraging to see that youngsters arround have been found available, and they have the same mood to offer, so that they can continue what I started, and I hope there will be found even more!

From the first years of operation of Poseidon FC site, it has been accepted with great enthusiasm and has been embraced by his friends and achieved a high traffic in relation to its content. With a record of 12,864 visits and 1,293,253 hits a month, the site considered as one with very good traffic, considering that during the dead periods such as the summer period, only a few people visit sites of the type that our site was.

The averages for the 10 years of poseidonas.gr operation were:
Visits: 8797, Hits: 641 304

Therefore, from now on, the website of FC POSEIDON KALAMARIA will be found at the following address: poseidonasfc.gr

I wish to thank all the friends who attended over the years my work with their visits. Hopefully, I will be soon enough with them again at the same address, with some other content.

May all of you be well!
Kosmas Gianniler